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Our Key Points


Utilization of cutting-edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for detailed analysis and accurate predictions



Digitized and industrialized processes to efficiently manage legal disputes, ranging from simple to complex, while capitalizing on every past legal case



Highly specialized legal professionals, including lawyers and paralegals, for each branch of law, such as civil, administrative, tax, etc., and for each type of law within those branches, such as insurance, banking, etc.



Paperless processes and the constant use of digital interaction methodologies, videoconferencing, email, certified electronic mail, effectively reduce the environmental footprint, minimizing the use of paper and travel or commutes.


We aim to become the go-to provider for entities that, due to the nature of their business, are forced to manage high volumes of judicial disputes (e.g., insurance companies, banks, multi-utilities, healthcare companies, public administration, etc.). We want to take on all the responsibilities related to dispute management, relieving our clients of most of the associated burdens, not only financial ones. All of this while maximizing the success rate and reducing legal costs.


We aspire to be the most innovative entity in delivering legal services, leveraging the opportunities offered by the evolution of our reference ecosystem. Our focus is on the industrialization and reengineering of service delivery processes, technology, work organization, skills, and specialization.

Our target is to redefine the paradigm of an industry that has so far only minimally harnessed the potential offered by technological innovation, particularly as enabled by developments in information technology, and the benefits offered by a work organization in line with the most modern managerial theories.

Founding Team


Manfredi Urciuoli



Fabrizio Ferrari

Chief Technology Officer


Andrea Picone

Senior Software Engineer


Giovanni Maggio

Business Analyst

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