Our approach

The principles, the theories and the technologies at the core of our innovative way of working

After an in-depth analysis of the legal case management process and leveraging the extensive expertise of our ILS team, which has successfully developed several business process management platforms, we have applied principles and technologies to the judicial dispute management process.

Business Process Reengineering

The Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of legal dispute management involves a complete overhaul of processes, not only optimizing existing workflows but even redefining the tasks performed. This approach aims to eliminate complexity, reduce service delivery times, and improve the quality delivered, decreasing the error rate and making results more consistent. By eliminating non-value-added activities and innovatively using technology, BPR aims to radically transform how legal disputes are handled, enabling efficiency and results-oriented approaches.

Integrated management of information and real-time information flows

Speed of information exchange, integration of various information flows, including those of the telematic process in all its variations (civil, criminal, tax, etc.), and accuracy of the same are fundamental for judicial dispute management. These elements ensure better coordination among the various actors involved in the process (lawyers, paralegals, back-office staff, client insurance companies, liquidators, experts, technical consultants, domiciled parties, counterparts, etc.) and speed up their interactions, increasing productivity, eliminating or automating low-value-added activities, reducing downtime, and enabling well-informed decisions. It is therefore a strategic asset for ILS, forming the basis of its competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence

The proprietary platform for legal dispute management inherently integrates Artificial Intelligence. This powerful technology enables automation of repetitive tasks, enhances document retrieval, and intelligently analyzes legal data. AI provides suggestions and predictions based on historical data, enabling more informed and timely decisions. This integration increases operational efficiency, reduces errors, and frees up valuable time for legal professionals. With AI on board, legal dispute management reaches a new level of precision and productivity.

Workflow planning

The platform integrates workflow management logics borrowed from industrial production management. Given the reference context, it performs process activity scheduling mainly based on pull logic, yet integrated with push logics in all cases where external deadlines are known, such as those for filing documents. The agendas for ILS personnel and collaborators are defined based on the planning carried out by the platform, supervised by the operations manager.


Thanks to the tracking of all activities (activity logs) carried out on the platform used for judicial dispute management, ILS is able to keep processes in the handling of legal matters constantly monitored through reporting integrated into the systems. This allows preventing potential operational errors, promptly identifying backlogs that could cause operational issues, identifying areas for potential improvement, and making operational decisions aimed at optimizing workflow management based on evidence from the data.


At the core of ILS’s efficiency and effectiveness lies the optimization of resource allocation: each person is engaged in tasks that align with their skills, abilities, qualifications, experience, and cost, aiming to maximize productivity and quality of tasks performed. This is the distinguishing factor in the market, showcasing superior execution capabilities.


ILS is aware that achieving excellence is impossible without commitment and talent, which can be attracted through sharing the project and objectives, sharing values, a serene, cohesive, and meritocratic work environment where everyone is rewarded for their results and contributions, thus feeling motivated to give their best for “their” company.

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