Our Road Map

Where we started from and where we want to go

An industry to innovate

The legal sector is entering a new era where innovation will take the lead. Legal firms still often rely on traditional practices, consuming time and resources in activities of low added value, neglecting the due attention to the efficiency of service delivery. The evolution of information technology in recent decades is now mature enough to make its way into the legal world and radically transform it: no longer just the use of word processors, but the use of databases, advanced workflows, electronic calendars, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Semantic Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Automation of entire legal process phases, etc.

The impact of technologies

At ILS, we harness the potential of emerging technologies. We utilize the cloud, adopt proprietary digital platforms, automate processes, and apply Artificial Intelligence to radically transform judicial dispute management, leveraging the wave of innovations breaking into the Italian judicial system: Processo Telematico (Civil, Criminal, Tax, etc.), recognition of the legal value of Certified Email, Digital Signature, Substitutive Conservation, etc. All with the sole purpose of reducing the costs of legal service delivery and maximizing value for the client, also thanks to reduced operational risk and sophisticated predictive analyses.

Quality of the service

Our mission is to provide the best possible legal assistance. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, we can maintain high and consistent quality standards. We operate with a results-oriented approach, ensuring precise yet accessible service for our clients.

Leading player in the industry

We aspire to become a reference point in the legal world. Our vision is to build a strong reputation based on the trust of our clients. Through the combination of innovative technology and high-quality services, we aim to become a major provider for all entities dealing with high volumes of legal disputes.

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